Mental ray rendering props for game Albedo, Roughness, Normal and metalness map  Albedo, Roughness, Normal and metalness map  UE integration modeling Maya modeling 3Dsmax Render mental ray on Maya  Geotypical and geo-specific props  rendering Vray rendering Vray modeling drakkar  Rendering scanline in 3Dsmax modeling and texturing  Skinning Rigging character back right leg bust skull arm bone Ellis-Island-Main-Building Shelby cobra  Shelby Cobra 1967 Buildings type year 50 La chaumiere des sept nains  Matte painting  St. Joseph Church T-rex Crooner eigger cover otto Diligence  Sketch of a character for a comic book  Sketch of a character for a comic book Fakir Mermaid Women Toreador Barber  The steps of designing a vector illustration  Morphing of faces mechanical Doryphore  The loulou of the streets Pam Grier  gigolo dragon sketch Dr Psycho Dr Psycho  laboratory for cartoon Castel for cartoon Preparatory character drawing before modeling

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